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Handling Precautions


Quality and Safety

(1) Silanes are identified as No. 4 fire hazards under Japanese fire fighting law. They should be handled with care and kept away from flames. Please refer to our MSDS, and contact our sales department for details.

(2) While working with chlorosilanes, wear gloves and goggles for protection from contamination, because chlorosilanes are very reactive with moisture yielding hydrochloric acid gas. In case of the contact with the skin or membranes, flush with running water and consult with a doctor immediately. Chlorosilanes also should be handled with adequate ventilation.

(3) Silanes that consisting of Si-H will yield hydrogen gas when contacted with alkaline or under the existence of platinum catalyst by the reaction with chemical composite having activated hydorogen such as alcohol, amine, etc. These silanes should be handled with care to keep away from flame and the pressure resistance of the reactive containers and containers for storage should be watched carefully.

(4) Alkoxysilanes should be handled with care to avoid contact with the eyes and skin and gloves and goggles are recommended while using these products. In case of contact, the eyes or membranes should be flushed with running water and a doctor should be consulted. Use should be in a location with adequate ventilation.

(5) Please refer to the following articles for guidelines to chlorosilane emergency responses, in case of a large-scale operation, an electrical short circuit, fire hazards, ect.

ASTM Manual Series:MNL33 "Manual on Chlorosilane Emergency Response Guidelines" (John T. Higgins, Wilmuth E. Hubbs, Robert A. Kayser, Paul Kremer, Stephen W. MacMahan, Lee Patricc and Micheal Strong, editors 1998)

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